A Stone's Throw from Slieve League

Book Cover:  A Stone's Throw from Slieve League

A Collection of Poems

By Chris

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The Spanish Church.

I'm scared of bulls and scared of horses,

I don't like groups and academic courses

But riding Dubh Shie past the Spanish Church

And talking,

And taking in the beauty around me,

I discarded my dislikes,

Tucked them temporarily into my spiritual wallet

And got on with the day.

Note: "Dubh Shie is the name of a mare - Black Fairy. "



I'm extremely consevative-in most of my ways,

An upholder of law-on most of the days,

So, when a new friendly friend whispered:

" I know you're straight up and your life's very clean,

But I'd like you to have this jar of Poteen."

I stumbled around for words, not wishing to offend.

Then a few glasses after,

We doubled with laughter,

My principles faltered, my high values altered,

and the last words I said

Were something like

I'll smuggle it home and drink it in bed."

Poteen (pronounced - 'po-cheen'), home made illegal Irish spirit.

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