A trilogy of one-act plays originally written for 'Pub Theatre.' These have been performed in UK and New Zealand. The Man from the Gas' was entered in the Manchester (UK) Drama Festival, May 2001 and also won 'Best One Act Play' at the Derek Lomas Awards 2001. The theme revolves around unscrupulous and otherwise individuals who call on vulnerable people.

The Man from the Gas

Wayne is a bogus caller who preys on elderly people in an attempt to rob them of their savings. He gains entry into Mrs. Smith's house but then everything goes wrong for him as the tables are turned.

Running Time: 25 minutes.

Actors:2. Set: As you like it.

An Inspector Of Sheets.

Mr.Clark is a Government Official who uses his power to sexually harass young women who live alone. He comes unstuck when he calls at a wrong address. The results of his actions have grave consequences for his future.

Running Time: 15 Minutes.

Actors:2. Set: As above.

The Knickerware Lady.

Tracy,a hard faced saleswoman, calls on two middle-aged women who have a learning disability. Tracy sells them items of underwear at exorbitant prices. However, things are not as they appear to be.

Running Time: 15 Minutes.

Actors: 3. Set: As above.

A German language version of The Man from the Gas (Tuerchwellen) is available.

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