Bootneck! Bootneck!

Book Cover:  Bootneck! Bootneck!

Six short sea-stories.

By Chris White

Paperback. Also available in KINDLE version

The Moat.

I noticed the black eye-patch worn by the WREN driver. Dark blue knicker elastic held it firmly against her upper cheek blotting out any view of, or from, her left eye."

The Stalking

For a brief moment the ship appeared deserted, taking on the appearance of some ghostly resurrection of a modern Mary Celeste. Both hunter and prey gazed down in fascination.

The Sea Lion

Another huge wave hit us and tore across the deck, forcibly flipping the cage, lion and Trigger's remains over the side.

Bootneck! Bootneck!

This time the Scotsman must have really upset someone. Fenner saw, and heard, a platoon of Royal Marines equipped with pick-axe handles, double into the block. He shouted down to Zeke. "They've called the Bootnecks out. Let's move!"

Hey You! Crack!

Howard saw him first. Without thinking, he rose hurriedly from the cover of the tall jungle grass, puffing furiously at the briar pipe and waving the SLR. "Hey You! You there! Stop a minute. Perhaps you could help us." The Borneo man's body visibly stiffened. He raised the ancient Lee Enfield to his shoulder and fired. Crack!

Meester Smeeth

Smithy had secured himself a small but steady income. He sold or pawned hand-made suits, shirts and shoes or any other item which he could purchase on credit. His racket had begun when the ship first called at Hong Kong.

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